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If you're looking for a high quality answer to your car repair problem go right to the source. Not only should you ask a car mechanic, but you want to run the question past a technician that knows your specific vehicle.

Avoiding a car repair center by fixing it yourself or learning more about the issue before service remains key. This becomes more important today then ever before.

Most people don't realize the quality of the car repair industry continues a steep decline. More technicians are leaving the mechanic field than entering.

This trend accelerated into a complete collapse of the retail auto repair business in many areas. Hagerty wrote an article about why the automotive repair industry needs so much repair itself if you're interested?

Here at we understand the need to get accurate auto repair information quickly. The Just Answer "Car Question" application connects you with a mechanic that has specialized experience with your brand and model automobile.

Not all of the technicians are factory trained, but a large majority of them are. In most cases you can choose a dealer tech when asking a question.

This means the mechanic learned about the automobile from the people that designed and then built it.

Long story short you won't find anybody more knowledgeable about a particular ride then a experienced dealership level service technician.

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Too often drivers and owners take on a car problem by themselves. That's fine if you have a long-standing relationship with a trusted shop. If you don't, you'll need to seek a second or maybe even a third opinion.

This need escalates as the repair bill increases or when the story just doesn't sound right. Consumers that asked questions often find better results in the cost of car repairs and the reliability of that service.

The other problem arises when the person paying the car repair bill only researches the issue through auto forums and message boards.

Although there is value weaved into these pages of discussions there is also a healthy dose of misinformation.

Extracting the good information is difficult even for experienced mechanics and do-it-yourself driveway warriors.

The just answer application lets you ask your question and find out more about the technician before paying.

It isn't until you accept an answer that you are asked to support the site and its participants with a payment.

The amount of this reimbursement for time and expertise remains with the user. If you had a great experience you can give more. If you had a bad experience you can give less.

Ask a Car Mechanic on this Website

The short answer to the question is no we don't at this time. We hope that the site continues to grow and find support through the visitors that we have helped.

Until that goal is reached, this remains a part time effort. Right now we apply most of the resources toward writing high quality and helpful content.

On the homepage you'll find some good information about our mission to supply problem-solving auto repair articles to a growing demographic.

This under served market of people driving old cars out of necessity could use some free help.

Unfortunately, the low cost, high quality service from just answer is the best that we can do, so go ahead and ask a car mechanic now.

Give this page a bookmark and come back for updates as we hope to expand and start taking car repair questions from site visitors.

Author bio : Mark is a retired ASE certified master technician, Chevrolet Professional Service Council member and the founder of Watch the video on the about Mark the mechanic page to see his credentials. Mark hand writes all of the articles on unless indicated otherwise.