Auto Repair Tools Quiz

We put together this auto repair tools quiz to see how much site visitors know about specialized automotive equipment.

This six question test complements the auto repair knowledge quiz we posted previously. We had over 1,200 visitors take that first exam and we remain impressed with the results.

Half of the participants answered four out of the six challenging questions correctly. In this auto repair tools quiz we tried to turn up the heat and make the questions a little more challenging.

The quiz is simple to take. Examine the picture and select the correct answer from the four possible results. You'll receive instant feedback on whether or not you answer the question correctly.

If you guess wrong, the correct answer highlights in green. At the end of the challenge your results are automatically calculated and a score provided.

See how you measure up against the previous website visitors.

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Auto Repair Special Tools

I think it's safe to say that professional auto mechanics use some strange looking devices to fix cars. As a professional technician, my toolbox contains all of these items.

Although I might be able to complete individual repairs without them the time saved by using this specialized equipment remains priceless.

As an interesting side note none of the special tools listed in the six question test cost more than $100. In fact three of them cost less than $25.

With the low cost of acquisition you might consider adding some of these automotive special tools to your own collection.

Analyzing the Results from the Special Tools Quiz

We worked hard to make the test challenging for the average automotive consumer. Sometimes you can look at a tool and figure out what it does. With the tools selected for this test not so much.

We ran the 6 question skills exam past Facebook followers of our car questions answered page and they on average got 3 out of 6 questions correct.

If you scored in that range you did good. If you didn't get any right I still wouldn't feel bad. The people that follow us on twitter and Facebook know a little more about cars and do it yourself auto repair than the average citizen.

With that said, reading through the helpful articles found in the right hand navigation could boost your knowledge about automobiles.

Author bio : Mark is a retired ASE certified master technician, Chevrolet Professional Service Council member and the founder of Watch the video on the about Mark the mechanic page to see his credentials. Mark hand writes all of the articles on unless indicated otherwise.