Common Chevy Problems

I've covered common Chevy problems over the years. In fact, common Chevy problems on popular models like the Silverado and Chevrolet Cruze remain some of this sites biggest successes. We covered both cars and trucks in great detail.

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Chevrolet Vehicle Issues

The quality of a Chevy vehicle is often determined by the date of manufacture. In other words, Chevrolet built some reliable and nearly trouble-free vehicles throughout the last three decades.

However, they also had long stretches of building vehicles filled with frustrating problems. I remember when I first got in the business, my shop foreman said, "working in a Chevrolet service department is the very definition of job security".

Without a doubt he was correct. I'll provide one specific example to prove my point about the job security issue and the importance of the year they built the car. I worked in a Chevy dealership.

In 1986 they launched the all new Cavalier Z24. You could get this new model in a fastback style with a rear hatch or the traditional notch back with a trunk. This flagship dealer I worked for had 30 service bays and one of the largest dealerships on the entire East Coast.

Two months after the launch of the Z24 every service bay had one up on the lift. The entire shop, all 30 bays filled with General Motors shinny new product. The problem was cracked circuit boards in the ECM. The board was paper thin and cracked when installing the PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory).

Most Common Chevy Repair Problems

This is why, when it comes to Chevy cars and trucks, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Some years, they would reduce the metal used on the vehicle and substitute plastic. Sometimes this proved to be a vital error in judgment.

Unfortunately, the automotive consumer became a test pilot for these new technologies. In many cases, these new features lasted for many years, or just long enough to take them out of the warranty coverage period.

This left the consumer to pay for the experimental automotive technology out of their own pocket. Below, we cover common Chevy problems on both cars and trucks in detailed articles.

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Chevy Truck Problems

I focus on Chevrolet truck problems in this section. However, I'm still a fan of the Silverado, Blazer and other sport utility vehicles manufactured by General Motors.

They often come in a little cheaper than other brands, provide good power and decent fuel economy if you keep your foot out of the gas pedal. With that said, you might have to fix a few issues like the ones listed below.

Two generations of V8 engines are having problems with the plastic intakes. The Chevy intake manifold leaks vacuum or coolant on the 5.7 L engine. While you have the manifold off do yourself a favor and replace the knock sensors.

A common Chevrolet truck problem is power outage in various systems and accessories. See the root cause of the Chevrolet intermittent electrical problem and how to fix it for good.

Daytime running light out? On Chevrolet trucks it's a far reaching problem. See what it takes to fix the Chevy daytime running light problem.

Chevy trucks experience problems with the cruise control system not holding speed. To everyone's surprise it often points to a problem with the brake light switch.

The Chevy power mirror switch isn't holding up as long as these trucks do.If you have a Silverado you don't have to live without this fancy feature.

Ignition switch failure can look like a transmission problem on old Chevy trucks. See how to diagnose the ignition switch problem on GM trucks from 1995 through 2006.

The Vortec 4.3 L engine came with a plastic distributor. If your truck has one it will need replacing before the end of the trucks lifespan. Luckily, you can get aluminum replacement distributors.

Is there anything worse than trying to start your Colorado truck and it doesn't recognize you? The chip reader in the ignition lock cylinder problem remains a common Chevy problem.

Things like Chevrolet V8 oil pan leaks drive me crazy. They ruin the driveway and all your friends don't want you to visit, because you'll leave oil spots. This job drips on you while you fix it.

Here we learn about the serpentine belt tensioner problem on the 4.8L 5.3L and 6.0L V-8 engines. Yet another embarrassing Chevrolet repair issue. Plus the chirping and squeaking can drive you crazy.

Chevy trucks from 1987 through the 2003 model year are likely to experience failure of the door hinge bushing. See how to fix sagging GM car door hinges with a special tool. These hinges are welded onto the truck forcing us to replace the pin and bushings.

If you own A Chevy Blazer you should learn how to replace the engine mounts if you own the 4.3 L Vortec version of the Blazer. Good news, the parts are less than 50 bucks to do both sides.

If you own a Silverado don't pull the Chevrolet hood release handle to hard, because it will come off in your hand. Especially, on older trucks from 1995 through 2006.

Common on Chevy trucks is an incorrect oil pressure reading. This can turn on the red oil light or set check engine light codes. There is screen protecting the pressure sensor that might actually be the culprit.

If you have a blazer or the base W/T pick up truck you should learn about fuel injector problems on the small, but mighty 4.3 L V-6 Vortec engine.

Chevy Silverado from 1999 - 2007 have tailgate issues. They are literally falling off these trucks. The good news is they now make tailgate repair kits for these vehicles. You can even replace the plastic tailgate release handles.

Many Silverado pickup truck models have dome light switch malfunctions that can drain the battery. These same trucks have headlight switch problems that prevent the dash lights and dome light from working correctly. 

Lack of oil changes can cause problems with the cam sensors. See where the Chevrolet Trailblazer cam sensors are located and why replacing them is no big deal.

Chevrolet Car Problems

Some people that experience common Chevy problems did not buy a truck or sport utility vehicle. These same people needed a car to get to work and run errands for the family.

My mom said her cruiser had no heat and was making a gurgling noise. See what it took to solve the Chevy Cruze coolant leak problem.

My sister wanted to buy an American car and purchased a Chevy Malibu. She had a few problems with it including the throttle position sensor. Read the articles below to gain some insight on other things that go wrong with this car.

My mother bought a Chevy Cruze with a valve cover issue. Despite the numerous Chevrolet car problems she loved this vehicle and wouldn't let anybody talk her into trading it for a Toyota Corolla.

Steering wheel buttons make life easier especially at night. Until the backlight goes out or the switch breaks. See how to replace the steering wheel switches on Chevy car and trucks.

The Chevrolet coolant sensor failure can happen on both cars and trucks. See the symptoms and the solution to correct the malfunction.

The surge tank or radiator overflow bottle might become the source of a coolant leak. See why the plastic part fails and where to get replacement parts.

The older Chevy Cavalier fuel pump can fail several times during the life of the vehicle. Learn how to test fuel pressure and why you may want to avoid parts found on the internet.

The Chevy Cobalt clicking sound can drive you batty. Discover the surprising source of the noise and what it takes to eliminate it.

General Motors oxygen sensor failure often occurs due to contamination or internal failure due to age. See how to address the problem before replacing the part.

Another issue my Mom dealt with was the Chevy Cruze ignition coil problem. See how to avoid repeat failure of this component.

One day mom went out to what she called the cruiser and it wouldn't start. The Chevrolet crankshaft sensor failed. See how easy this is to diagnose with an inexpensive scan tool.

Plastic sensors have a limited lifespan. Especially, when mounted under the car and exposed to bad weather. See why the fuel presure sensor fails on GM cars.

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