Car Repair Knowledge Quiz

This car repair knowledge quiz is the perfect mini challenge for do-it-yourself mechanics. It's also a great way for automotive consumers to test their repair skills before they get their car fixed at a retail auto shop.

Below you'll find five questions that touch on five different automotive systems. Fair warning, the multiple-choice answers are a little tricky and designed to get you to pick the wrong answer.

When you complete the test a grade score appears at the bottom and we display the correct answers along the way. Boom, you just learned something.

I'm a recently retired master mechanic that worked in the retail auto repair business for 30 plus years. I'm here to tell you that basic automotive skills remains important for everybody to learn.

When you don't know anything about automobiles the shop picks up on this immediately. In some cases, they might use your lack of car repair knowledge against you.

In my personal opinion, the more the consumer knows about their specific vehicle, the less likely they are to become a victim of unnecessary charges.

automatic transmission partAutomatic Transmission Part

Auto Repair Skills Test

This quick and dirty car repair knowledge quiz has a 50 percent failure rate. So don't be disheartened if you don't do well.

However, if you find yourself scoring four out of five answers correctly, you're a force to be reckoned with. Try taking the advanced level automotive electrical test and see how you do.

However, If you only scored a couple of questions right or you didn't get any correct, scan through the car problems subjects on the right side navigation bar from the Homepage.

If you got the maintenance questions wrong review the articles in the car maintenance problems section.

However, if you missed the question about the automotive computer sensor question review the posts in that section to learn more about the subject.

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How did you do on the test? Maybe even a better question to ask, do you think your friends and family would actually score better than you on this quiz?

I sent my mom a link to this test and she got three out of five correct. Of course, she lived with two mechanics for most of her life.

Nevertheless, you would be surprised at the automotive knowledge that some people possess. Share this test with folks you know on social media or email it to them directly with the tool below.

The people that take the test help us learn from the results. This way we'll provide better quizzes in the future.

We've found simple and short tests are a good way to spark interest in learning more about the car repair subject. This knowledge can serve you well as you drive through life in your automobile. Follow on Twitter.

Sidebar: We added a new Auto Repair Special Tools Quiz due to popular demand. See how many of these strange looking pieces of automotive equipment you can identify.

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