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Welcome to the miscellaneous car problems section of the FixMyOldRide.com website. We treat this area like the junk drawer. Sometimes when people have car problems they don't know exactly what's going on or where to find this information. The same holds true for writing about these somewhat uncommon issues.

Before we explain what you'll find in this section let's point you towards some of the more popular areas of the site. If you're having check engine light problems you'll find detailed articles covering common scenarios in the sensor and computer problems area. There we posted around 20 articles about common problems that turn on the service engine soon light.

From the main page covering car electrical problems you'll find a wide variety of common failures across a wide range of vehicles. In this area we focus on electrically operated switches known for high failure rates. These plastic switches that operate the power door locks, power windows and power mirrors probably won't last as long as the automobile. We also have a few articles in there about daytime running lights and brake switches.

Basically, if the component has electricity, running through it, but won't turn on the check engine light you'll find it in the electrical section. In addition, we started adding some automotive training articles for do-it-yourself driveway technicians. The electrical training area covers diagnostic techniques used by professional mechanics. Finally, another high-traffic location of the website contains information about tune up and maintenance problems.

On this page you'll find helpful information that covers regular scheduled maintenance items. Things like cabin air filters, coolant leaks, oil change information and spark plugs. This is one of my favorite sections, because it also provides information that supports do-it-yourself car repair in the maintenance category. Information articles include symptoms of common car problems like noise diagnosis and how a car runs when it has a clogged fuel filter.

Miscellaneous Car Problems Section

Now that you know where to find the more popular stuff let's talk about some of the offbeat items on this page. So what do we find in the miscellaneous car problem section? As the newest area of the FixMyOldRide.com website you'll find some of the most recent articles posted here.

With that said, the first few covered body and interior problems like sagging GM car door hinges, cheap plastic Toyota door handles and other manually operated car parts with no electricity running through them. I also started throwing some articles in this section that we might move over to a specialized engine problem area.

Things like defective motor mounts and a serpentine belt tensioner known to fail on many popular makes and models are landing in this subcategory right now. Basically, if it's not electronic, doesn't require replacement at scheduled intervals and it doesn't turn on your check engine light you'll find it here.

The Miscellaneous Car Problem Articles

Is it too much to ask for a metal interior door release handle on your Lincoln MKZ or Ford Fusion? I guess the answer is yes. See how to replace a broken Ford interior door handle.

This Ford common problem locks your rear super cab passengers in the back like prisoners. The inside door handle fails to operate the release latches. See how to fix the Ford door latch cable problem with an inexpensive repair kit.

I owned a ZR2 special edition Blazer. This truck lasted awhile, but become troublesome when it passed the 75,000 mile mark. The hardest repair I tackled in the driveway was replacing the engine mounts. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself some trouble.

If you own a Chevy Silverado from 1999 - 2007 you can have four separate problems with your tailgate. That's why we put together this one stop Chevrolet tailgate resource page.

Did you ever wonder if stop leak products actually work in real world situations? Well as a mechanic I get to see the results of people trying to sidestep car repairs using miracle fluids. See how coolant stop leak works and the chances of it solving your problem.